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Today is a perfect day for your life to change.

We will fight with you, every step of the way, for your freedom from sex addiction, pornography addiction, and sexual habits you want to change and be free from.


We offer addictions counselling, resources, support groups, and professional accountability services.


Sex addiction is a lack of control over sexual thoughts, urges and impulses. When behaviors are excessive, when you do not have control over them, and when they affect your life in a negative way, it is time for a change. We are here to help.


A person with a sex addiction often has a compulsive need to be sexually stimulated. It increases into a desire (need) that begins to interfere with their ability to live their daily life, and the possibility of consequences is no longer enough to stop the behavior. It can manifest itself in mamy ways, both physical, emotional, and even spiritual.


Sex addiction can look like:

  • Sexual acts

  • Prostitution, massage parlors

  • Watching or consuming pornography

  • Masturbation and/or sexual fantasy

  • Exhibition or voyeurism

  • Affairs, short-term sexual encounters

  • A secret sexual life you try to keep separate from the rest of your life


Sex addiction often leads to anxiety, shame, depression, anger, denial, lies, and secrets. This affects every relationship with this person. Oftentimes, a sex addict finds it really hard to maintain close relationships because of their inability to emotionally connect and be relationally vulnerable.


From help for the sex addict (individual) to marriage and family counselling, we can cover it all.



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What is the cost of sexual addiction counselling, resources and professional accountability services? Costs for counselling with Okanagan Sex Addiction Support start at $140 plus gst per hour for individuals and $160 plus gst for couples and families; we also offer affordable prepaid monthly rates that allow for unlimited sessions and communications as needed throughout the month. We accept Visa and Mastercard, etransfer, debit, cheque, Paypal, insurance companies, Autism funding (for family counselling), Victim Services, and HCOS funding for students needing counselling.


* Our services are covered under most insurance, and can be covered through Autism Funding under "Family Counselling". Please inquire if you wish to utilitize your Autism Funding toward some or all of your mediation costs, as there is some preparatory paperwork to be initialized beforehand.


We are affiliated with Okanagan Health and Wellness and Okanagan Christian Counselling. We believe in emotional integrity, facing truths, strong accountability, and seeing real change in people's lives



Day, evening and weekend appointments are available, as well as telephone, text, email Zoom and Skype appointments, and mobile/travel appointments.  


Clinic location (by appointment only) is: #229, 1889 Springfield Road, Kelowna BC V1Y 4R2 (second floor entrance).


* Use of our service, requiring communication, reports and counsel, constitutes agreement to fulfill payment agreements (made verbally, by text, by email, or by messaging).


* Cancellation Policy: We require 48 hours cancellation of appointments; otherwise you will be charged in full for your missed appointment, which be required to be paid before a next appointment can be booked.



Questions, or to book an appointment:

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Email: info@okanagansexaddictionsupport.com

Telephone/Text: 250-718-8856


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